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The HealthyQueening Smoothie Recipe

The HealthyQueening Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get all your required nutrients in your body. Our body needs certain nutrients to function properly. With some more extras you can also provide your body with more energy. And we all could do with some more energy to function. Life is busy and especially when you have children and lots of work to do.

I started exactly a year ago with having a smoothie every morning. I would have never imagined myself drinking one of these healthy smoothies you hear and see about. I m talking about the ones that have this green look and the thought about drinking baby spinach didn’t make it very exciting for me. So back then, I started pretty simple with just some fruits and milk.

The more research I did, the more I changed the smoothie ingredients. Just slowly and in baby steps I added things that I couldn’t imagine would taste good. I had a really surprised look on my face when I tasted it and it actually was delicious. Now, I m finally at a point where I m very happy with my smoothie and just enjoy the taste and fuel I m getting from it.

I do have to admit, that it sometimes doesn’t have the best colour. However, you can make it look better with healthy toppings and pouring it into a beautiful cup or drink holder.

To be honest, I have given up on making it look pretty. I m just too busy for that. I enjoy my morning smoothie straight out of the NutriBullet cup holder in the car on my way to work. This way I don’t skip my breakfast and get all the energy I need for the day. 

Get your NutriBullet here

I love my NutriBullet and its one thing that follows me everywhere.

Furthermore, I can recommend smoothie preparation. When fruits and vegetables are cheaper, because it’s season, get more and freeze it. I m freezing most things these days. I also do smoothie powder preparation and get all the add ons packed up. It’s very easy, handy and quick in the morning now.

So, let’s talk about.. ingredients

The HealthyQueening Smoothie basically consists of:

    • fruits
    • vegetables
    • Protein powder
    • Smoothie add on powders
    • Seeds
    • Almond milk

Just a reminder, everyone has a different taste and prefers different things. This a smoothie I enjoy and that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. Also, I m not a dietician, as I explained previous. This is my own recipe that I m happy to share with you.

The healthy lifestyle feels amazing and I want to share with you as much as I can to support you in being the best healthiest version of yourself!

I have also counted macros and calories of my smoothie, which I m happy to share with you as well in case you are counting.

But let’s get to the recipe of this delicious healthy Smoothie. Here are the..

..exact ingredients

    • half a banana
    • Handful frozen berries
    • Handful baby spinach
    • Small carrot
    • Quarter/Third of an avocado
    • 2 tsp of chia seeds
    • 1 tsp of flaxseeds
    • 1 scoop of protein powder
    • 1 tsp maca powder
    • 1 tsp super greens
    • 1 tsp spirulina powder
    • 1 tsp açai powder
    • Unsweetened Almond milk and some water
    • now and then some fresh ginger

That are the basics of my HealthyQueening Smoothie. Sometimes I add or swap something if I want to experiment a little more or try a different taste. However, it mostly comes back to that.

If you have a favourite own mix of a healthy smoothie – please share it with me. I m always interested and excited to try something new.

Benefits of the Ingredients

Each ingredient has its purpose in the HealthyQueening Smoothie. I will briefly list some benefits of the ingredients as to why I include it in my daily breakfast smoothie.

Bananas– they are high in fibre, potassium, FOS, vitamin B6, resistant starch and they can support to neutralise high sodium levels.

Berries– they are high in fibre, have lots of antioxidants, provide many nutrients that can help improve blood sugar and insulin response, lower cholesterol levels and fight inflammation. They are also good for your skin and it’s believed they can help in protecting against cancer.

Spinach– low in carbs but high in insoluble fibre, contains many vitamins and minerals (such as carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron and calcium), antioxidants and plant compounds that are beneficial for your health. It’s also believed that spinach can improve blood pressure, eye health and oxidative stress.

Carrots– are a good source of vitamin A, B, K and potassium and plant compound. It’s also believed that carrots help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases and eye problems.

Avocado– the healthy fat! It also contains lots of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and important nutrients such as potassium. It’s believed that avocados can reduce heart disease risks, improve eye health, reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis and help against cancer. I specially love to add avocado to my smoothie, because it provides a delicious creamy texture.

Chia seeds– they contain lots of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, various micronutrients, antioxidants. It’s believed that it can reduce cravings and appetite, may help to reduce heart disease risks and improve bone health.

Flaxseeds– they contain omega-3 fats, plant based protein, lignans and fiber. It’s believed they can reduce heart disease risks, risk of stroke and protect against certain cancer types. Mostly it’s known to improve your digestive system.

Maca powder it is high in carbs and contains nutrients (such as vitamin C), copper, iron and many bioactive plant compounds. It’s believed that it increases libido (yes, you heard that right, increased sex drive!!). It’s also improves your mental wellbeing! It can improve your mood and decrease depression and anxiety. It’s giving you an energy boost. Also beneficial for workouts.

100 healthy foods and their benefits is a great booklet when you want to have some more information.

Super greens – are high in certain minerals and vitamins, iodine, chromium and vitamins A, C and K, plant compounds and antioxidants. It’s believed that they improve immune system and anti-inflammatory functions and provide an energy boost.

Spirulina powder– it contains lots of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. It provides an energy boost. Next to its health benefits its believed that it can enhance endurance and increase muscle strength. Unfortunately, it changes the colour of the smoothie into a not so “good looking” one.

Açai powder – it contains healthy fat, minerals, plant compounds and high amounts of antioxidants.

Unsweetened Almond milk – it’s low in calories and sugar. It’s high in vitamin E and often enriched with calcium.

If you are looking for more smoothie recipes with calories and macros counting. This booklet provides 80 healthy smoothie recipes:

Carbs and Cals Smoothie Recipes

HealthyQueening Smoothie

This smoothie is full of healthy ingredients and providing lots of healthy benefits. I seriously feel amazing and full of energy after drinking it. It provides me with the right fuel for my body.

If you have any allergies or health issues, I recommend to consult professional advice and do your research before consuming the above.

I have included heaps of photos and videos in this blog post to show and demonstrate you how I prepare this Smoothie. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions or feedback, I appreciate your comments.

Calories and Macros

I have stated that I also will share the calories and macros that I have counted a while back with the mm+ app. It’s a great app. You can scan barcodes and mostly it recognises it. Otherwise you can customise and make favourites. That way I ended up putting together all the basics of my HealthyQueening Smoothie into a recipe. In case I want to count my macros for the day, I can just click that recipe and it’s all right there. Saves me some time.

Otherwise, there are some great options for calories/macros counting journals or diaries when you are more the paper and pen person. This one you can actually choose a cover, how amazing is that!

Do not panic by the high number of calories or carbs. This are all healthy ingredients. They are good and beneficial for you to function properly. This HealthyQueening Smoothie is a meal replacement not a snack. I have it instead of breakfast.

I will get into much more details about counting macros in another future post if there is interest. These screenshots will provide you with the amount of calories in protein, carbs and fat. It also lists the ingredients again and their macros which then adds up the results showing above. Obviously, it can vary due to the amount of each ingredients or even due to the brand you are using. However, this will give you a board understanding of what’s all included in this healthy and delicious HealthyQueening Smoothie.


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