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Chocolate Protein Ice cream Recipe

It is getting really hot here in Australia and Ice cream is just perfect to cool yourself down. And why not combine a protein snack with ice cream?!

Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

I make it myself, so I know what’s in it and I know the macros! Plus this saves me dollars as well (incase you are on a budget like me).

And they turned out delicious!
Just maybe try to find a way to get it out of the form 😂 and let me know how! Mine stick to it and I actually need to let it slightly melt..

☑️ Ingredients:

– 40g Protein Powder

– 120g Banana (1x)

– 60ml unsweetened almond milk

– 1 tsp maca powder

✅ This made 4x 🍦

Macros for 1 serve:

– 57 Kcal
– 6.5 Protein
– 7.5 Carbs
– 0.5 Fat

I used the real rich chocolate flavoured protein powder from Optimum Nutrition that I got through MakFitness

Use Code: MAKPATRICIA for a sneaky discount 😉 too save some $$

Tag me in yours when you are doing the recipe and enjoy it!!

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