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Berry Chia Pudding Recipe

I decided to provide you with some healthy food recipe ideas. I will include macros as well so you can include these recipes in your macros/calories counting when you are tracking it.

Remember it is important to have a balanced healthy diet with an adequate calories intake of carbs, protein and healthy fats.

Berry Chia Pudding

I totally fell in love with this delicious chia seeds pudding. It’s yummy and very filling.

It is a great source of protein and fruits. Chia seeds are filling you up and keep you full for longer. Plus chia seeds have multiple benefits as I explained before in my post The HealthyQueening Smoothie Recipe

Berry Chia Pudding

I m not a very sweet person so I did mine without extra sugar or stevia. But if you prefer it sweet just add some stevia.


27g Protein, 32g Carbs and 11g Fats, 360 calories

1 serve:

 – 180ml Skim milk

 – 30g Chia seeds

 – 15g Protein powder

 – 100g frozen berries

I used a vanilla flavour protein powder (remember to use my code MAKPATRICIA when you order from makfitness for some discount πŸ˜‰). Here is the link again: MAKPATRICIA

Berry Chia Pudding
Berry Chia Pudding

I mixed it all together with a food processor, let it sit in the fridge for 15min and add some toppings: chocolate flakes, coconut flakes and goji berries.

Berry Chia Pudding Recipe
Berry Chia Pudding Recipe

Let me know how you go with it πŸ€—

and tag #healthyqueening and @healthyqueening in it so I can see your results

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