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6 ways how to deal with feeling not ok

Life is not easy and it will challenge you many times. It is not expected from you to smile every minute of the day. Obviously, there will be times where you might feel a little bit down and that’s ok. It is ok to not feel ok.

I want to remind you that it is ok to have a bad day or a bad week (it happens to each one of us). It is ok to make mistakes, to feel sad, to cry, to feel exhausted or tired.

Go with it or distract yourself

There are many different coping strategies to deal with days or moments of sadness/not feeling a 100%. Sometimes it is good to just go with it. Take your time out and do a whole lot of nothing or read a book, watch a movie or paint a picture. Distract yourself with something that you like to do, something that takes your mind of it.

A great distraction for me is doing a workout. Exercising helps me to take my mind of things and afterwards I feel so much better. Loud music and pushing through is sometimes all I need to focus again and feel refreshed and energised to keep going.

Eat it

If it is food you are craving: go for it. You only live once. And it is all about balance. If you are on a diet or making healthy food changes, it is ok to cheat here and there and enjoy the stuff you crave – in moderation of course. Go eat that piece of chocolate, the ice cream or that bowl of pasta (when the carbs are calling). As long as you get back on track afterwards, you should be able to enjoy what your craving for.

Sleep it off

Another suggestion: sleep it off. The sun will still come up tomorrow. It will be a new day and a new opportunity to do it right. You can start fresh. Sometimes, going to bed early and not forcing it, provides you with new fresh energy for the next day. 

Talk it out

Another favourite coping strategy of mine is talking to my friends. Get it off your chest by talking to your loved ones. It can help to talk it through, getting another persons opinion or sometimes even just to speak it out loud.

Whatever helps you to get over the “bad feeling” moment and picks you up to move forward. In the end, that’s what matters: getting back up! Don’t lose track of the bigger picture: being your happy self and enjoy your life.

Change your approach

Better times are coming again, sooner or later they are. So, do not give up and believe in yourself. Re-focus, re-evaluate or change your plans if necessary. Break your goals into little achievable steps. Take it day by day, step by step. Another quote I start to love: “if you are having a bad day, a really bad day, treat the world better than the world is treating you right now!” And you might be surprised how things can change quickly.

Ask for help

If required, get professional help in case you can’t find a way out of this bad feeling by yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. This just shows how aware you are of your own person and your situation. It proofs how strong you are and willing to change things around. It’s a good first step in the right direction.

In the end, we all experience these “down” moments. It is ok to not be ok!

Stand up again, fix your crown and keep on Queening!

It is ok to not be ok

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