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3 reasons why forgiveness will make you happy

Forgiveness is one of the important tools to find happiness and stay happy.


It is the voluntary and intentional act to forgive someone else or yourself for the mistakes that have been done. Forgiveness will support you to let go of the negative emotions, such as anger, disappointment, sadness or thoughts of revenge. It does not mean you forget what happened but forgiving helps you to learn out of this experience and move on.

Making mistakes is human

People make mistakes, that is just human. Therefore, people will eventually hurt you at some stage in your life. One of reasons is because we are all different and unique. We cannot always agree on everything and we have different perspectives and values. I have the strong believe that most people will not hurt someone else intentionally. However, even if they do – when you hold on to the anger and disappointment, they will hurt you even more by stopping you living a happy life. Consequently, you will give them control over your emotions. But remember, it is your life and you are in charge of it. Do not give someone else the power of your emotions and actions. Concentrate on yourself! 

Do it for yourself

There is so much more out there than holding onto negative thoughts. Forgiveness does not mean you accept their wrong behaviour. It will help yourself, not them. You will learn your lesson from this experience when you remember it for a similar upcoming situation. It will help you! It’s for your OWN good to learn out of it and move forward.

Change it into being positive

If you can forgive the one who has done you wrong (if they deserve it or not), you will be able to move on with your own life. You can focus on yourself! In time, the anger will fade away and you can concentrate on your own future. You will feel lighter and free. As a result, you can use this energy for something positive – for yourself, your happiness!

You will be a better version of yourself – proud,  when you do look after yourself rather than holding onto negative thoughts about what others are doing with theirs.


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