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HealthyQueening is about sharing personal experiences about life, healthy lifestyle choices, coping strategies, motivational inspiration and positive energy.

It offers advice that might help you understand a situation you are in, help you through a tough time or reminds you about something you might have forgotten. It’s YOU who is important! We are all here to lift each other up.

HealthyQueening is a blog for everyone. However, it is mostly directed to other women and mothers, because I am sharing my experiences from a woman’s and mother’s perspective to help others. But as I said, everyone is welcome to read through, listen and provide feedback or suggestions. 

A Queen manages multiple jobs at once on a daily basis. She is trying her best at all times. A healthy Queen makes healthier lifestyle choices. She is the healthiest version of herself – mentally and physically.

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I m very excited to share with you my HealthyQueening Smoothie recipe! It is a very healthy and delicious Smoothie, providing your body with all the required nutrients it needs to function properly. Check it out and let me know what you think. 

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